Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Some of my Favorites :)

I went through the photos that I have taken in the last few years and picked a few of my favorites that I sent in to my course.  I though I would share them and see what people think of them.

Depth of field
the difference between this and the one below is adding a subject
 to a landscape to give it a different feeling

Rule of Thirds and proper exposure

stopping the motion with the right shutter speed
both of these are
showing the motion with the right shutter speed, but also getting the right exposure

traditional landscape

framing the landscape

correct exposure in sunlight

framing my subject, using leading lines as well 

one that I feel should be used as an old lady puzzle! LOL

Just the flowers would have been an "ok" shot, but when I added
my family, it made it more interesting. 


  1. These pictures are great! The ones that stood out to me were the little foot in the water (freezing the droplets like that is beautiful) and that building/house with the roof and flowers in front of it (where is that?)

    1. Thanks Emily! :)
      It is in Banff. We went there last summer.