Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I haven't posted in a while.  We are all well and loving the warm weather up here.  It is way too humid for my taste, but as long as it isn't snowing I shouldn't complain.  I have been really enjoying the summer with my children and my little sister.  We have been scrapbooking every other night and having a lot of fun.  My husband gave me a night off from all the kids last week. I stayed home with the baby and we had ice cream. :)   He took them hiking and then camping out at some land that is owned by family.  They had soooo much fun but were extremely bug bitten when they returned home.  

 They were so tired after the hike but they still
helped Daddy with cutting the firewood, starting a fire, making supper, and setting up their beds

Kami helped to cook breakfast and she loved every minute of it.

pictures taken by Kami and Erik :)

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