Sunday, March 28, 2010

Our Caribbean Cruise 2010!!

I like the cruise but didn't love the cruise. I think I am more of an all-inclusive resort type of person. I felt really rushed while on the shore mostly because we couldn't really see it all. We had to rush back on the boat so they didn't leave us behind. I didn't see as much of Key West and Grand Cayman as I would have liked to. BUT.....we did get to go Kayaking in Key West, which was awesome!!! We also went snorkeling in Grand Cayman. Here are so pics from our experience. :)

the mangrove trees were enormous!!

In Miami and then onto the boat

I feel so blessed to have been in the right place at the right time for this picture

Mangrove tunnel we kayaked through

a beautiful sea star

Our nature kayaking trip was a blast. I got soaked but it was a blast! Thank goodness for underwater camera cases.

our new friends, Sarah and Burke

The boat

one of my favs

Erik and I on one of our nightly walks around the boat.

Me (my hunny took this and he did a great job!) :)

more friends that we had the privilege to meet, Josh and Daralynn

burning my legs to a crisp! LOL

the manta ray that was following us around

My self-portrait

My hunny snorkeling

Erik getting antsy to get in the water

the water was really choppy while we were in Grand Cayman

Manta Momma!

My hunny and I

Learning to dive with a snorkel on..... Wierd but fun

My sexy snorkel face

Erik's mad snorkeling skills :)

We had a good time but next time, I think we will go somewhere to stay for a week .

My Lily

I have been really struggling with this situation. We are moving and the house that we are moving into doesn't have a backyard right now, and when it does it will be very small. Our dog is big and she needs a large backyard to play/exercise. She stayed with family while we were on our cruise and they had a dog for her to play with all week. Since coming back home, she hasn't been the same. She mopes around the house. I would get her another dog to play with but she is sooo big by herself..... So we are hoping to find her a good home that is on a farm or acreage and hopefully there will be other dogs there.

this is Lily when she was new to our house :)

my poofy baby :)

My adolescent dog and my first baby watching T.V. together

Lily and her best friend Aldo.

Lily's always ready to play. ALWAYS!!! LOL

My first baby and I will miss her.:(