Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Lily

I have been really struggling with this situation. We are moving and the house that we are moving into doesn't have a backyard right now, and when it does it will be very small. Our dog is big and she needs a large backyard to play/exercise. She stayed with family while we were on our cruise and they had a dog for her to play with all week. Since coming back home, she hasn't been the same. She mopes around the house. I would get her another dog to play with but she is sooo big by herself..... So we are hoping to find her a good home that is on a farm or acreage and hopefully there will be other dogs there.

this is Lily when she was new to our house :)

my poofy baby :)

My adolescent dog and my first baby watching T.V. together

Lily and her best friend Aldo.

Lily's always ready to play. ALWAYS!!! LOL

My first baby and I will miss her.:(

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