Thursday, June 12, 2014

sick kids!

     So these last two weeks have been the longest weeks of my life, except for maybe the end of each pregnancy when all you want is that baby to come out!!!    I swear that the end of May left in a hurry so it wouldn't have to deal with my sick kids!  The very beginning of June started with a giant fever in one of my dayhome children so she was sent home in a hurry, but not fast enough to keep it away from my kids.  My 3yr old got it first.  She was miserable!  Carrying a blanket around everywhere, wanting to "tuddle" all the time, and then falling asleep in random places.

    On one afternoon, I found that she had fallen asleep with her head on her bed but her feet were still on the floor.  Like she had started to get into bed and then realized that it was too much work, so she just fell asleep right there.  Her fever was 39*C (103*F) and Tylenol barely touched it.  We gave her lukewarm baths, which made her cry because she said they were cold.   They did help to bring down her fever though, so we endured the crying because it was for her own good.   After 4 days of this, we finally started to see the "light at the end of the tunnel".  Her fever was not as high and she was smiling and finally starting to eat again.  After 4 days of not eating anything and only drinking water, I was starting to really get worried.

  I was sitting on the couch that Thursday night, thinking that we were lucky that she was the only one to get it when my 6yr old came downstairs crying and saying his head hurt.  Dang it!   I should have knocked on wood or something!  He had a fever of 39.8*C (104*F).   We gave him some meds and then he sprawled on dad's legs and fell asleep while dad was working on his laptop.  My husband then carried our son's clammy, shivering little body upstairs and tucked him into bed.  Because of sick kids, I closed my dayhome and worried about my own kids for a few days. 

   That morning I peeked in to see how Thorin was sleeping and found he had made a bed on the floor.  That didn't surprise me at all.  I have so many pictures of him, asleep on the floor, when he's been sick over the years.  The night after Thorin came down with the fever, my oldest son started to feel horrible as well.  It was my own personal nightmare. 

    I HATE it when my kids are sick and I can't do anything about it.  The worst part of it was that my darling husband had to work that Saturday.  He never has to work Saturdays, but he had a special training day with the RIOT squad that Saturday.  I really needed a break!!!  I felt like I was having the life sucked out of me by sick children!  Our babysitter was amazing and put her health in jeopardy to watch our kids that Saturday evening while Erik and I went out for supper.  We didn't stay out very long but just long enough that it felt like a break, which was exactly what I needed.

   So to recap, 1 girl feeling better, 2 boys feeling rotten and not eating anything, and one baby boy who I was trying to keep away from his siblings so he wouldn't get sick.  By Monday afternoon, my two boys were feeling somewhat better and I was holding my breath, hoping that my baby would be passed over and not get it.  Man, was I WRONG!!!!  He started feeling hot and being really weepy Monday night. Checked his temp. and yep, he had it too.  I was so frustrated!!  I gave him some Tylenol and a bottle then put him to bed.  Usually he is such a great sleeper, but not that night.  He was not feeling good at all. 

  So three days of cuddling and him falling asleep in my arms on a daily basis (which never happens normally) and now he is starting to smile and has the energy to scoot around.  YAY!!!!  It's almost over, and this time I knocked on wood. ;)  

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