Sunday, October 7, 2012

My progress :)

  I have been sticking to the 500 calories/day and surprisingly I don't feel hungry at all.  I did cheat last night, I had a bite of a cookie that I was giving to the baby.  The only thing about this diet that I am not very fond of is the "no sugars" rule.  I have been eating apples, oranges, and strawberries (the only fruit I can have) to try to get rid of my cravings for sugar.  Last night I just had a weak moment and hopefully I can stay away from sugar for the rest of this month. 

  So now for the reveal of this week's weight lose............  I am down from 180lbs (on tuesday) to 172.5 lbs today.  I am seeing results and loving that my pants are starting to need a belt to stay up. 

  I have really been having fun trying to come up with recipes that I can actually eat.  I cooked 100g of chicken in crushed tomatoes with a little garlic powder, and had cucumbers on the side for lunch yesterday and it was awesome!  Then for supper, I had a 100g steak (salt and pepper for taste) with a salad of romaine, iceberg, spinach, and cucumbers.  I do cheat a little with the salad because I hate salad!!  I dip my fork in fat free Italian dressing and then eat a forkful of salad.  It gives just enough flavor that I can gag the salad down.  LOL! 

  My husband LOVES to cook and bake, but I told him that I will look after myself until I am done this diet.  He looked heartbroken!  I think he likes to show his love for me by making me my favorite breakfasts, lunches, and suppers.  He even asked me if I could have egg whites, which I said yes to last night.  He let me sleep in this morning and made me scrambled egg whites and salsa on top.  I felt really bad, but I had to tell him that I could only have herbal tea in the mornings.  He is the best husband ever, so he just sat down and ate it himself. :) 

More pounds to lose!  Keep me going with your comments :)  Thanks   


  1. Great Week! Keep it up! You can make a smoothie out of frozen stawberries and Truvia for dessert. a good salad dressing is TBSP mustard + tsp water + pinch dill
    Call if you are stumped

    1. I read that mustard is a no-no because of the oil that's in it.