Friday, October 5, 2012

My HCG diet Journal!!

   I thought that I would bring you all along for this "ride" in my life.  I decided to do the HCG diet because my mom did it two years ago, lost 25 lbs and has kept it off

This is her before and after!! 

So here is my story. 

   I have had 3 babies.  When I had my first baby, I went back to my pre-baby weight very quickly and I thought that I was just one of the lucky ones who bounces back very quickly.  Man, I couldn't have been more WRONG!!  After I had my third baby, I tried everything to get this extra 20+ lbs to disappear.  Weight watchers, Zumba, step class, spin class, and swimming.  Nothing was working!  I was getting so frustrated.  My last straw was when I saw myself in our new family picture and just about died!!!  I couldn't  believe how fat I looked!!

just before I got married

 me, last weekend! uggg!

    After seeing this picture, I decided that I couldn't look this way anymore!  I talked to my mom and she gave me this website, .  I got some of the drops and started them two days ago. I weighed myself, measured every part of me, and made a chart to track my progress and when I am supposed to take the drops.  I am a very visual person, so this works best to motivate me.

The first two days, you're supposed to eat very fatty foods, getting your fat stores to open so that the drops can do their work and start to break up those fat stores.  On the 3rd day, today, I am then down to a 500 calorie diet and taking the drops 6 times a day.  I will be doing this for 41 days. 

Wish me luck!! 


  1. Good luck! if you want to do a second round you can order on from Jaquie. She is really fast with shipping.

  2. You are doing a great job!!!! Good luck honey!!!