Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Anyone want a two year old?????

.....Don't get me wrong, I love my children but the fact is that my two year old is driving me right up the wall!!!! He is soooo different from my first and I love him for that. I was so blessed with my first and he was the perfect baby and toddler. When you told him to not touch something, he wouldn't touch it. He did have his days when "the beast would emerge" but they were few and far between. And he took only a month to potty train.

When you tell T to not touch something, he gives you this look like, "seriously, now I just have to touch it!!" Sometimes I can handle it and he makes me laugh, and then there are those days that you have no patience to begin with and a crying, tantruming two year old doesn't help the situation any, and you just EXPLODE!!!!!!!!

I know it is just one of "those days" but I really wish I could start the day over because I love to cuddle him and have some play time but I have been trying to get the housework done and the kids keep getting under foot. I think I need to just worry about the house work later and play with my kids. Maybe it will get me in a better mood :) That is my resolution for June; to worry more about my kids than my housework. Wish me Luck!

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